step off the sidelines and onto the frontline

strength is gained in the range it is trained


No machines or equipment wait times


Build a solid foundation to grow upon


Dont be afraid to be a beginner

Wicked Wolf Athletics

Wicked Wolf Athletics is an Incorporated company owned and operated by Jenine and Dave with Frontline Fitness providing high quality functional Wicked apparel for the alpha athletes. 

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Effective programming, progressive training, workshops AND MORE...

Bite Me Meals

Meal prep delivered in Edmonton and surrounding area.  Convenient, affordable, clean and delicious!  Bite Me Meals is a team of Certified Chefs, and Sport Nutrition experts help to make your meals healthy and delicious so you can reach whatever goal it is that you are trying to achieve without compromising taste and variety!  Using only quality ingredients, whole foods, and organic products so our customers can get maximum taste, the most health benefits from every ingredient, and the freshest product possible.

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